Tuesday’s Tough Teaser: More Info

On Tuesday, we posted a bonus Teaser, a  bird that caused much consternation at the bird-banding demonstration at last Saturday's Meadowlands Festival of Birding.

A couple of birders asked for more data about the bird, which the NJMC's bird-bander extraordinaire Mike Newhouse is supplying here.

The bird weighed 12 grams, and its wing chord was 70 mm.

We also had a request for a view of the bill from underneath, but we did not take any.

(We did seem to hear some rumblings about an Acadian Flycatcher….)

Another view of the bird follows.








One thought on “Tuesday’s Tough Teaser: More Info

  1. Rick Wright

    Wow, not easy. Wg=70 falls right in the middle of the range for Traill’s, but really rules out nothing but Least. So I give up–Mike, what is it?
    Next time I see you I’ll tell you the story of a bird banded and identified as a Hammond’s; unfortunately the photographs so proudly submitted were of a Bell’s Vireo. Yikes.


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