DeKorte Bird Report 091711

Doug Tilley reports that on Saturday morning: "I found 4 Am. Kestrels hunting over the dump across from the gas torch along Disposal Rd., 1 immature Bald Eagle soaring north being harassed by another raptor (it flew off quickly and I did not get a good look), a Northern Harrier sailing over the brush tops and an Osprey hunting in the pond behind the center.. 

"I know seeing one Kestrel is, while not uncommon, not every day, but 4 in one spot is.  I scoped them for about 20 minutes to be sure and all 4 were in the air at once so I know I wasn't seeing the same one over again. 

"Just thought you might find this interesting.  Of course I left my camera home." (Thanks, Doug!)

One thought on “DeKorte Bird Report 091711

  1. Chris Takacs

    Doug was correct about Saturday morning Kestrels, but at least 5 was the total we had while banding. 2 Peregrines and a few Sharpies were present as well to add to the raptor totals.


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