Another Green-winged Teal Question

Mill Creek Marsh 2011 276

Patrick Carney writes:

"I may have seen the Eurasian green-winged teal last weekend when I went to Mill Creek. In the photo above, you can see the white scapular stripe. In photo below, it is lacking the white breast bar that the normal green-winged teal has. It was definitely different from the other teals I saw that day."

Any thoughts, anyone? Mill Creek Marsh 2011 257

2 thoughts on “Another Green-winged Teal Question

  1. Rick Wright

    I wouldn’t identify either of those birds as a Common Teal. Common Teals have molted all their flank feathers this time of year, but the birds in the photos are showing a row or two of brown alternate/eclipse/dull/hen-like feathers just beneath the folded wing. Sorry about the lousy quality of this photo
    but it does show the Mill Creek Common Teal with an all-gray flank and its friend the American Green-winged Teal with a row of brown feathers.

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