Tuesday Teaser 112211

Greg Gard caught the raptor show on Disposal Road last weekend, which included Northern Harriers, Red-tails, and (here's the teaser) either a Merlin or an immature Peregrine Falcon (above). What do you think?

(Thanks Greg!)  A few more shots follow, including the mystery falcon and a Northern Harrier.



4 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser 112211

  1. Mike Girone

    Agreed, immature Peregrine. A Merlin would have a couple wide black/thin white tail bands; young Peregrines have multiple thin bands on a brownish/tan tail.

  2. Val

    I also saw this bird on Sunday perched on the towers occasionally taking a dive towards a Mallard or Shoveller. I hope that it was eventually successful, but it was hard to watch. I also agree that it was a peregrine due to the behavior.


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