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DeKorte Bittern Locator Map!

 DeKorte trail guide inside map 8-10We saw the American Bittern from DeKorte Park's Marsh Discovery Trail at 2:30 Friday afternoon. Map shows approximate location at the time. Photos below give you an idea of what to look for.

Needle in haystack, or bittern in a Phragmites stack? (Thanks to all who helped find this bird…!)IMG_0653-3





American Bittern at DeKorte (Still/Again)

American bittern

Several birders saw the American Bittern today by the Marsh Discovery Trail and pointed it out to Dennis Cheeseman, who got this shot…

Says Dennis: "[Saw it from] the blind that goes out towards the turnpike.  On the marsh Discovery Trail.  The one in the middle between the east and north pools, I must say thanks again to the birders that found it." (Thanks, Dennis!)

Orange-crowned Warbler Continues at DeKorte

Rebecca Buck reports:

"Spent a few minutes only at DeKorte [Thursday], the highlight a singing Orange-crowned Warbler at the first bench area on Transco Trail.

"About 200 Canvasback, several shovelers, lots of Northern Pintails, a
couple of scaup and Bufflehead.  A lot more diversity this week than last."

Orange-crowned Warbler was also seen this morning, flying along the Transco Trail toward the grove of trees by the parking lot (where we get the Brown Creepers)…

Snow Buntings!

Buntings Jana

For the past week or so, a flock ofSnow Buntings have been hanging out near Disposal Road on the former Kingsland Landfill, not far from the entrance to DeKorte Park. Jana Brusich got this cool shot. (Thanks, Jana!)

Reminder: SuperBird Sunday & Yezerski Show!


What a double-header — a guided walk, and then a talk and signing by "Meadowlands" author Thomas F. Yezerski (above). They are both this Sunday at DeKorte Park, and they both are free!


First up is SuperBird Sunday guided walk, which starts at 10 a.m. The 90-minute walk, sponsored by the N.J. Meadowlands Commission and Bergen County Audubon Society, includes valuable prizes for the first person to see a bird that an NFL team is named for — Raven, Cardinal, Eagle, Falcon or Seahawk. (Not to worry: legendary birder Bob O'Link, pictured at right, will not be on this walk.)


Following the walk will be a free talk and artist's reception for Thomas F. Yezerski, the author/illustrator of the acclaimed children's book "Meadowlands: A Wetlands Survival Story." A link to that post is here.

Full details on both events follow.

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