Daily Archives: February 1, 2012

Meadowlands Big Year Update


It's February 1, and we are asking for Meadowlands Big Year participants to e-mail us their totals so far (if they have not done so already. 

At last count, four birders have announced they are competing in this friendly competition to promote birding in the Meadowlands — two in district and two outside.

We have two totals thus far.

As a side contest, they are competing against the NJMC's Mike Newhouse as well.

There's still 11 months left, so feel free to jump in and join the fun. It costs nothing to participate, and we are offering some nifty prizes.

If you are competing off the radar, please e-mail Jim Wright at jim.wright (at) njmeadowlands.gov so we know you are out there. 

Much appreciated, and good luck to all.

Competition details are here.


What To Expect in February


When looking ahead, sometimes it's a good idea to look back.

Here are some nature highlights from February 2011:

February 3: Winter Sunset, Valley Brook Ave.

February 4: Of Heath Hens and Passenger Pigeons

 February 10: Dark-morph Rough-leg on Disposal Road

February 15: Mill Creek: Common Teal, Gray Ghost, Plus

February 17: Pheasants and More

February 23: 'New' Disposal Road Raptor

Highlights from February 2010 (including a Northern Shrike) are here, and highlights from February 2009 are here.