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Our Latest South Bergenite Column: Local Wintering Birds

Jim Wright, who keeps this blog, also writes a twice-monthly nature column for The South Bergenite. His latest column is on birds that have been wintering in the Meadowlands this season.


  “Is that heron supposed to be here?”

   I’ve gotten that question on many Meadowlands Commission guided walks this winter — two seconds after folks see one of these stately birds in a marsh and do a double-take.

After all, great blue herons are regarded around here as a bird seen in the warmer months — not on most winter walks down DeKorte Park’s Marsh Discovery Trail.

  When I reply that we have seen more great blues and other warmer-weather birds this winter, the follow-up question is invariably either: “Why?”

  NJMC Naturalist Mike Newhouse is happy to provide us with the answer.  

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‘Focus on the Meadowlands’: Brown Creeper and more


This week's "Focus on the Meadowlands" post on the wildnewjersey.tv blog features a new trifecta of photos:

* The answer to our latest Tuesday Teaser (Brown Creeper; congrats to Pam Mistretta, the first to get the ID).

*A closeup of a Disposal Road Snow Bunting.

* A look at the redesigned Transco Trail entrance to DeKorte Park's newly reopened Marsh Discovery Trail.

The link is here.