Daily Archives: March 4, 2012

Orange-crowned Warbler — DeKorte and Mill Creek

Billy Kaselow reports:

My Dad and I did some short birding at DeKorte today. We got the
overwintering Orange-Crowned Warbler as well as some other relatively
notable birds. (Thanks, Billy!)

Here's our list:
1 Orange-Crowned Warbler
1 RC Kinglet
1 Brown Creeper
5 Killdeer
2 Harrier
15+ Red+-Winged Blackbirds
3 Common Mergansers
And all the regular ducks and gulls made appearances as well.

Bergen County Audubon and the Meadowlands Commission walk this a.m. at Mill Creek Marsh had an Orange-crown as well.

Full Mill Creek walk list later in the week…