Daily Archives: March 7, 2012

Bonus Teaser Answered

This was a toughie teaser.


It a Cecropia Moth cocoon.

We would not have known what it was without consulting a nationally recognized moth expert, who writes:  "The Cecropia is by far our largest silk moth and a real beauty, too!"

Congrats to Mike Gempp, who said it was a Silk Moth cocoon.

We'll have some exciting moth news in coming days, so stay tuned!




Teaser Answered


Yesterday's Teaser asked how many birds you could find in the photo.

Besides the fan-favorite Canada Goose in the background, there are two Killdeer along the shoreline. Congrats to all who answered correctly.

This will also be posted on the wildnewjersey.tv blog — with indicator arrows. Will post a link as it becomes available.