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Meadowlands Birds on the State Watch Lists

Last month, the state DEP released a revised list of birds on New Jersey's Endangered, Threatened and Special Concern lists. For those keeping track at home, we are posting a list of the 34 Meadowlands birds out of the 77 on the state lists, including nearly half of the birds that are on the lists while breeding.

Two birds seen in the Meadowlands and added to the Endangered and Threatened list are the often-seen American Kestrel (above) and the Red Knot (seen rarely).

Full list follows. (A big thank you to NJMC Naturalist Mike Newhouse for putting the list together!)

Holler if you think we missed any.  Full lists are here (there's a link on the site to the Special Concern list).

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Our Next Free Walk: DeKorte, Sunday, April 1


Join us on our First-Sunday-of-the-Month walk on  April 1 as we look for Great Auks, Passenger Pigeons and Heath Hens at DeKorte Park. We might even see a Dodo (above). Did someone mention that it's April's Fools Day?

 Seriously, in the spirit of the occasion, we will be putting some decoys out along the Marsh Discovery Trail, with a valuable prize to anyone who sees up to five and ID's the most correctly. (Keep in mind this is April Fools Day.)

And we will look for some real live wild birds, we promise.

The two-hour walk begins at 10 a.m. inside the Meadowlands Environment Center — please sign in!

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