Meadowlands Birds on the State Watch Lists

Last month, the state DEP released a revised list of birds on New Jersey's Endangered, Threatened and Special Concern lists. For those keeping track at home, we are posting a list of the 34 Meadowlands birds out of the 77 on the state lists, including nearly half of the birds that are on the lists while breeding.

Two birds seen in the Meadowlands and added to the Endangered and Threatened list are the often-seen American Kestrel (above) and the Red Knot (seen rarely).

Full list follows. (A big thank you to NJMC Naturalist Mike Newhouse for putting the list together!)

Holler if you think we missed any.  Full lists are here (there's a link on the site to the Special Concern list).

16 Birds on Threatened, Endangered & Special Concern breed in the Meadowlands  (out of 33 possibilities)

4  Endangered that breed here:  Peregrine Falcon, Pied-billed Grebe, Northern Harrier and Least Tern.

5  Threatened that breed here:  American Kestrel, Black-crowned Night Heron, Yellow-crowned Night Heron,  Osprey and Savannah Sparrow.

7   Special Concern Breed here:  Barn Owl, Brown Thrasher, Common Nighthawk, Least Bittern, Saltmarsh Sparrow, Snowy Egret and Spotted Sandpiper  

18 Non-breeding Birds on Threatened, Endangered & Special Concern in the Meadowlands  (out of 44 possibilities)

2 Endangered: Black Skimmer, Red Knot

2 Threatened:  Bald Eagle and Long-eared Owl
14 on Special Concern List:  American Bittern, Bobolink, Eastern Meadowlark, Grasshopper Sparrow, Gray-cheeked Thrush, Little Blue Heron, Northern Goshawk, Red-shouldered Hawk, Semipalmated Sandpiper , Sharp-shinned Hawk , Short-eared Owl, Tri-colored Heron, Vesper Sparrow, and Whimbrel.

Totals:  34 of 77…

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