Odd Goose, Brown Creeper, Osprey…


Greg Miller passed along some recent shots, including this odd Canada Goose, above. Is it in molt, a tad leucistic or…?  Your thoughts most welcome.

Photo of an Osprey with a fish, and a Brown Creeper, follow. There have been many Brown Creeper sightings in the Lyndhurst Nature Reserve of late, and Edna Duffy reports seeing an Osrey bringing nesting materials to the Kearny nest.

(Thanks, Greg, and thanks, Edna.)




3 thoughts on “Odd Goose, Brown Creeper, Osprey…

  1. Mike G.

    We’ve been seeing that gooses on Disposal Road for over a week now, and the consensus has been leaning towards leucistic.

  2. julie

    I had some photos of this bird as well, and when I posted one to a birding community, everyone who had an opinion felt it was a partially leucistic Canada Goose.
    Patrick, here’s a link to an explanation of the difference between leucism vs. albinism. 🙂
    (It’s from Cornell, but the site seems to be down at the moment so it’s a cached copy.)


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