Cormorant vs. Eel

Ron Shields got this amazing sequence of a Double-crested Cormorant tangling (literally) with an American Eel.

Ron writes:

"I was thinking that Aaron Copland's "Rodeo/Hoe-Down" would be the
perfect background music for this cormorant/eel struggle
at DeKorte Park.  BTW, the eel escaped." (Thanks, Ron!)



4 thoughts on “Cormorant vs. Eel

  1. jim wright

    Roy, You must have missed my Diamondback Terrapin Action Shots post from last Friday… Those photos are what really raised the bar!

  2. Roy

    LOL. I had the chance to get some of those … big diamondback terrapin in the middle of the street. He wouldn’t budge from his puddle … so I grabbed him and got him out of the street before something bad happened.

  3. Steven_Cal

    At the ‘enterprise’ level, the focus is likely to be on the economic effect of cormorants on a business (e.g. loss of production at a fish farm or reduced catches in a fishery). Further, at the individual level, perceptions that a cormorant conflict exists can also influence the amenity value of a fishery. For instance, anglers may be unwilling to visit a site that is known to be visited by cormorants, irrespective of whether this is influencing things like fish catches there or not. Such perceptions could thus affect the financial income of that fishery. Moreover, for many stakeholders, ecological and economic concerns may well overlap.
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