Daily Double: Banded Peregrine, Tagged Egret

Thanks to in part to Ramon Gomez, the Meadowlands Commission got the Daily Double of the Bird-Banding World today.

First an NJMC staffer happened upon a young Peregrine near a former landfill at lunchtime and was able to get a shot. (The tag reads "36AX.")

Upon the staffer's return, Ramon Gomez, who is participating in the Meadowlands Big Year contest, phoned to say that there was a tagged Great Egret in the Shorebird Pool (below; it may still be around). The tag reads A15.

The egret was also banded but it was impossible to read.  This may be the same tagged egret that Chris Takacs saw at Clay Avenue wetlands a short while back.

We will post more info as it becomes available. Closeups of the tag and band follow. (Thanks, Ramon and Chris!)




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