Daily Archives: October 5, 2012

‘Nature of the Meadowlands’ Facebook Page

Facebook page
We just created a Facebook Page for our new book. The page lists information on several events that have already been scheduled — like the talk and signing with Governor Kean, and our appearance at N.J. Audubon's Cape May Fall Birding Festival. 

The page also includes some photos from the book and recent blog posts and news about the book.

The link to our new Facebook Page is here. Please "like" it!

And Now… Funny Friday

Red-tailed-hawk-Buteo-jamaicensis-dekorte-greg-gard-20120925-_B4A7327 copy

Greg Grad writes: "Since you have a Tuesday Teaser theme on a blog, how about a Funny Friday photo theme?

"I'm sending you a short sequence of a Red-tailed Hawk scratching his "ear" while flying, that perfectly fits that theme." : )

(Thanks, Greg! We are always looking for new ideas — and always starting from scratch.)

Red-tailed-hawk-Buteo-jamaicensis-dekorte-greg-gard-20120925-_B4A7328 copy

Red-tailed-hawk-Buteo-jamaicensis-dekorte-greg-gard-20120925-_B4A7329 copy