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Alice the Bald Eagle Sighting (but no photo, sorry!)

An NJMC staffer or two have been kayaking on the Hackensack River near River Barge Park in Carlstadt the past two days, and wouldn't you know — the one day we did not bring a camera — we had an immature Bald Eagle perched and eating a fish for nearly 90 minutes near the DSCN1698water's edge.

The bird was along the river north of the park on the western bank of the river, a tree or two away from the Red-tailed Hawk's nest of last spring.

At one point, an adult Bald Eagle joined the youngster.

We looked for a radio transmitter on its back and, sure enough, it had one.

The only transmitter eagle we know is Alice, named for the photographer who got the first shot of her. (A post on this is here).

Alice was nice enough to fly directly over head a few times, more beautiful than ever, before flying southward with Junior.  We would have kicked ourself for not having a camera but we were sitting in a kayak at the time.

We also had a Belted Kingfisher, Great Blue Heron, Great Egret, assorted gulls, Double-crested Cormorants, White-throats and Pine Siskins.

Greg Gard’s Disposal Road Update

Coppers-hawk-dekorte-greg-gard-20121022-_MG_5584 copy(1)
Greg Grad writes: "I'm sending you a little teaser of what can be seen on the Disposal Road lately.

"Large number of American Goldfinches at DeKorte were unfortunately noticed by local Cooper's Hawks (above).

"These hawks can be seen hunting for them daily, allowing really close looks of their skillful aerobatics.

"Also, we saw a Gray Ghost (below) multiple times on Monday. At one point he was flying away with prey, possible American Goldfinch as well."

(Thanks, Greg!) Northern-harrier-gray-ghost-dekorte-greg-gard-20121022-_MG_5473 copy