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Nelson’s Sparrow @Disposal Road

Ron Shields saw this Sharp-tailed Sparrow in the gully along Disposal Road earlier today.

Ron writes: “This sparrow was found at the bend in Disposal Road where everyone usually photographs raptors. There’s been a ton of sparrows of all sorts feeding in the weeds in the drainage ditch (gully).

“This guy popped out of the vegetation for only a few seconds before returning to cover.”

Chris Takacs writes that the bird may be a Nelson’s Sharp-tailed Sparrow, not a Saltmarsh (Sharp-tailed) Sparrow.

The Saltmarsh Sparrow of special concern in New Jersey during breeding season. More here.

(Thanks, Ron!)  (And Chris!)

We’ll let you know if/when we hear more.

Another view follows.

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Kingsland Landfill Event is Filled

DSCN9982-001We are sorry to announce that the visit to the top of the Kingsland Landfill next Wednesday afternoon is now fully booked. 

If you wish to be placed on the waiting list, e-mail Jim Wright at jim.wright (at) njmeadowlands.gov

The full post on this first-ever event is here.

Note: If the event goes well, we hope to have more of these down the road or, in this case, up the road.


Marco van Brabant’s Latest

Marco van Brabant, one of the principal photographers for "The Nature of the Meadowlands," writes:

"Attached some pics ofsunsets from Friday evening,

"I had stopped at DeKorte late afternoon, unprepared, not dressed warm enough.  It was cold, but I saw the air was very clear, and there were good clouds on the horizon, so I thought I just had to make stop there. 

"The sun started to set and colors started to change, but what was most striking was the colors became very intense, as it shows here on the pictures, where they seem over-saturated because of bad editing, which would have been my own words, had I not seen the sky with my own eyes."

Two more of Marco's photos follow. (Thanks, Marco!)

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