And Now… Funny Friday

Red-tailed-hawk-Buteo-jamaicensis-dekorte-greg-gard-20120925-_B4A7327 copy

Greg Grad writes: "Since you have a Tuesday Teaser theme on a blog, how about a Funny Friday photo theme?

"I'm sending you a short sequence of a Red-tailed Hawk scratching his "ear" while flying, that perfectly fits that theme." : )

(Thanks, Greg! We are always looking for new ideas — and always starting from scratch.)

Red-tailed-hawk-Buteo-jamaicensis-dekorte-greg-gard-20120925-_B4A7328 copy

Red-tailed-hawk-Buteo-jamaicensis-dekorte-greg-gard-20120925-_B4A7329 copy

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