Mike Girone: Disposal Road Raptor Report

Disposal Road continues to be a great place to get great, prolonged looks at raptors. Consider:

Mike Girone reports that one day last week …

"Arrived just after 3:30 p.m., and immediately spotted a juvenile Cooper's Hawk hunting over Harrier Meadow.

"Walked to the Carillon and saw an American Kestrel hunting from a wire next to the retention pond.

"Then spotted an incoming young (1st year?) Bald Eagle (above), that passed quite low over the Carillon, heading south"

More pix and the rest of Mike's report follow.

PEFA2"Met up with a few photographers, and watched a juvenile Northern Harrier and a few American Kestrels working the landfill.

"A juvenile Peregrine showed up (above), and like the eagle, passed low overhead, then circled high and took a few shots at a Red-tailed Hawk.

"A little while later, the Peregrine returned, and an adult Merlin also showed up! In-between the Harrier and kestrels, the Merlin would rocket low across the landfill, and even passed over the road near us to perch in the tree line between the road and Transco Trail.

"At one point, the Merlin, Peregrine, and a kestrel were almost visible in the same binocular field just past the retention pond! The Peregrine headed towards the Saw Mill Creek trail and was joined by a 2nd Peregrine.

"A 4th year Bald Eagle was spotted soaring high overhead. Adding to the action, a juvenile Harrier spent several minutes chasing an American Kestrel, first heading west over Disposal Rd, over the retention pond, then back over the landfill.

"Eventually, the kestrel turned the tables and divebombed the harrier.

"Good numbers of Pine Siskins continue on the landfill as well."


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