Looking Back: June 2012

20120603-DSC_2895The year 2012 in the Meadowlands marked the opening of River Barge Park in Carlstadt, Butterfly Day and Moth Night, lots of great nature sightings, our continued partnership with Bergen County Audubon Society, and (alas) Hurricane Sandy.

We thought we'd remember 2012 by looking back, month by month.

Here are some highlights from June (click on the text to link to the post):

June 5: In Memory of John R. QuinnV Point Park 007b MCP Mdwlnds NJ Sunset Sky Vw 7x5v 061512 OK

June 7: Disposal Road: Spotted Sandpiper Family

June 11: Photographing the Kearny Marsh by Kayak

June 13: Birding at the Butterfly Fountain

June 18: Remembering the Meadowlands of Yore

June 21: Sunset at Mill Creek Point 

June 23: Incredible Diamondback Terrapin Action Shots

June 25: Cormorant Vs. Eel

June 30: That Mystery Moth and More

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