Daily Archives: April 22, 2013

Weekend Highlights

Black and white Allan
Allan Sanford reports:

Highlights from this weekend at the Meadowlands included 2 new arrivals for us — Eastern Towhee and one of my favorites, the Black and White Warbler (above).

Caught him eating a large meal. He finally got that bug down. Enjoyed watching the dive-bombing Forster’s Terns.  (Thanks, Allan! Towhee and tern pix follow.

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Monday Photography Showcase: Tiffany Giovia

Tiffany 4
Our latest Monday Showcase photographer is Tiffany Giovia.

She writes:

I am a graphic designer/web developer living in East Rutherford.

Growing up in Lyndhurst introduced me to the Tiffany 5 Meadowlands early in life, and especially DeKorte Park.

I have always had a love of my local environment – from the trees and flowers to the history of what the Meadowlands once was and has turned into.

Three more pix, and more of Tiffany's commentary, follow.

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New Purple Martin Box for Harrier Meadow!

It wasn't quite the flag-raising at Iwo Jima, but the Meadowlands Commission successfully hoisted a Purple Martin nesting box atop a 10-foot-high pole in Harrier Meadow last week.  (From left to right, NJMC naturalists Gabrielle Bennett-Meany and Mike Newhouse, with volunteer Chris Takacs.

Entire sequence (for Purple Martin nesting box junkies only) follows.

Tomorrow: the new box's first occupant.

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