Monday Photography Showcase: Tiffany Giovia

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Our latest Monday Showcase photographer is Tiffany Giovia.

She writes:

I am a graphic designer/web developer living in East Rutherford.

Growing up in Lyndhurst introduced me to the Tiffany 5 Meadowlands early in life, and especially DeKorte Park.

I have always had a love of my local environment – from the trees and flowers to the history of what the Meadowlands once was and has turned into.

Three more pix, and more of Tiffany's commentary, follow.

Tiffany 1
I studied photography in college and have continued it as an artistic hobby.

I leaned toward photographing flowers and plants but with my ever-growing interest in birding that blossomed in the last few years, i've begun using photography as a means of learning the different bird species.

It has been a marriage of two of my favorite things, as well as a wonderful pastime i share with my mom.

We've enjoyed many of the walks held at DeKorte Park and have been very grateful to all the wonderful people we've met there that have helped us learn the different species.

A set of my Meadowlands photos can be found on flickr here:

I have also started writing/posting a blog with my birding experiences (among other things) at my blog:

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