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Latest South Bergenite Column: Spring Guided Walks

Jim Wright, who maintains this blog for the N.J. Meadowlands Commission, alos writes a twice-monthly nature column for the South Bergenite. His latest is on our twice-monthly nature walks with the Bergen County Audubon Sociery:

Thinking about becoming a bird watcher, or just want to learn more about nature?  

 Then you need to hear about the free twice-monthly guided walks at a park or natural area near you.

The two-hour walks, sponsored by the Meadowlands Commission and the Bergen County Audubon Society, are also a great way to get some fresh air with a friendly group of people.

I have to admit that last Tuesday’s walk, at Harrier Meadow in North Arlington, exceeded even my lofty expectations.

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In Case You Missed It…

                                                                      Miles Ma/nj.com
Interesting article in The Star-Ledger about Steve Quinn, who recently retired as the main diaramist for the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan  (and who was one of the folks quoted in  “The Nature of the Meadowlands”).

Steve, who lives Ridgefield  Park spent much of his childhood exploring the marshes of the Meadowlands.

The link is here.