Photographers Showcase: Quincy Magoo

Quincy Magoo has been photographing in the Meadowlands for several years, and is best known for his soft-focus techniques, as evidenced by the Red-breasted Merganser shot above.

"A sharp focus is over-rated in my book," Quincy says. "I was just lucky to see these guys in Teal Pool last month."

Quincy studied at Rutgers. A link is here.

Quincy's photos of a Fox Sparrow and well-camouflaged Long-Eared Owl follow.


Happy April Fools Day!

5 thoughts on “Photographers Showcase: Quincy Magoo

  1. John on Chubb Ave.

    Wow, those are fantastic shots. I also have many like that. I’ve been thinking of doing a cocktail table book but just haven’t had the motivation. Seeing these is sparking the fire once again.

  2. Hoatzin McBarker

    Quincy is a true visionary, I fear we will not see his like again. A few have tried to emulate his unique style, and millions more pay him unknowing tribute every time they use their camera. Not many know that part of his unique technique was the application of a layer of semi-opaque paste to the front of his lens, a substance he liked to call “McGoop.” I was lucky enough to secure a supply of this substance from the manufacturer, and if you are interested in applying a layer of “McGoop” to YOUR optics, please contact me directly.


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