Snapping Turtles in Love

R&A Turtle Snapping 010gE MCM Mdwlnds NJ MATING 042413 OKElaine Raine took these photos of two Snapping Turtles at the beginning of the reproductive cycle last week at Mill Creek Marsh. (Thanks, Elaine!)

Two more pix follow.

R&A Turtle Snapping 010aE MCM Mdwlnds NJ MATING 042413 OK

R&A Turtle Snapping 010eE MCM Mdwlnds NJ MATING 042413 OK

One thought on “Snapping Turtles in Love

  1. Mike G.

    And these are little Pixie snappers.
    You should see when the big ones get rolling. Losing a toe is the least of the worries. 🙂


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