Don Freiday’s Blog: Short-billed Dowitchers

IMG_9807For shorebird junkies, and interesting post from Don Freiday on Short-billed (and Long-billed) Dowitchers. 

From what Don writes, I'm guessing the dowitcher at the left (photographed last week in Harrier Meadow) is a Short-billed.

"In New Jersey, in May, they're ALL Short-billed Dowitchers.

Now I know that's an exageration, but only by a whisker, and yet there have been a high number of reports of Long-billed Dowitcher this spring.

"Having NEVER seen a Long-billed Dowitcher (LBDO) in May in NJ, I have to ask myself, is there something wrong with me?"

The link is here.

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