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Two ‘Nature of the Meadowlands’ Talks Next Week

1-Nature of Meadowlands coverJim Wright, who wrote "The Nature of the Meadowlands" for the Meadowlands Commission, will be giving two free talks (featuring images from the book) next week in East Brunswick and North Arlington.

Both events are open to the public.

News article on the East Brunswick event is here.

A recent Star-Ledger review of the book is here.

More information on the two events follows.

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Unusual Mill Creek Mammal

The NJMC's Beverly Schmidt reports, 20130505_103608_resized "Upon entering Mill Creek Marsh Park this past weekend, I encountered what I believe to be a new species of Meadowlands mammal.  It very shy, did not appear to be aggressive."

Dennis Cheeseman later photographed the animal as it tried to hide in a tree… It did not appear to be hungry. In fact, it appeared to be stuffed.

We know this sort of thing happens all over — just seems like the Meadowlands has more than its share…

Dennis' photo follows. (Thanks, Beverly and Dennis!)

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Meadowlands Mourning Cloak

We have been seeing these in several places in the region, especially DeKorte Park, but typically have seen them from a moving vehicle.

Photographed this one (its cloak slightly tattered) yesterday in Harrier Meadow while checking on the saplings…

Rocky Teaser Answered

What's unusual about this photo by Marco Van Brabant??

The butterfly!  As Jantet Terchek incredibly answered, it's a Mourning Cloak!  (Congrats to Janet — never thought anyone would get the butterfly, let alone the species….)

Close-up of same follows.  (Thanks, Marco!)

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