Daily Archives: May 2, 2013

Those Mystery Buds are..

On Tuesday we asked, "What kind of buds are these — from Skeetkill Creek Marsh late last month?"

Some of were leaning toward pussy willow, and some of us were leaning toward squirrel.

So we asked our expert, Edith Wallace of the Bergen County Audubon Society and several other esteemed nature group.

Her verdict: "Willow.  Perhaps pussy willow.  These are the buds. In the photo the buds were beginning to open which is why they may have been harder to identify."  (Thanks, Edith, and everyone who contributed suggestions … )

Disposal Road: FOY Dinosaur-Robot

DSCN0341-001We saw our First-of-the-Year DSCN0382Dinosaur-Robot on Disposal Road (where else?) yesterday.

Likely scouting the Meadowlands for the upcoming World Series of Birding.

We did not have the heart to tell him (it?) that those pay phones don't work …

Or that Valley Brook Ave. and DeKorte Park will be closed on the WSB Day, May 11.