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See a Cicada? Say Something (To The Record)

Ace environmental reporter Jim O'Neill of The Record writes:

When the 17-year cicadas actually emerge in our North Jersey area, I want to do a follow-up on the story that The Record published recently.

If any of you see cicadas, please send me a quick email about how many, location, etc.? That would be incredibly helpful.

Thanks for any help!! My email is oneillj@northjersey.com

Here's a link to Jim's story:


We Need Your Big Year Totals!

DSCN9973Get out your binoculars — and send us your Meadowlands Big Year totals as of May 31!

The goal is to see as many different bird species as possible in the 14 towns of the Meadowlands District over the course of 2013 — and also to have fun birding.

 To ensure a level playing field, all birds must be seen in areas open to the public, or on guided walks or banding events in such places as Harrier Meadow or the back of the Kingsland Landfill.

The idea is to promote birding in the Meadowlands, and to give area birders a competition that does not require as much travel (and gasoline consumption) as, say, a New Jersey Big Year.

To make this as fair as possible, we  have two divisions: Meadowlands residents and non-Meadowlands residents.

More details follow.

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What to Expect in the Meadowlands in June


To see what we might be seeing in June in the Meadowlands, we thought we'd take a look at what we saw at this time last year.

Here are some highlights (click on the text to link to the post):

June 5: In Memory of John R. QuinnV Point Park 007b MCP Mdwlnds NJ Sunset Sky Vw 7x5v 061512 OK

June 7: Disposal Road: Spotted Sandpiper Family

June 11: Photographing the Kearny Marsh by Kayak

June 13: Birding at the Butterfly Fountain

June 18: Remembering the Meadowlands of Yore

June 21: Sunset at Mill Creek Point 

June 23: Incredible Diamondback Terrapin Action Shots

June 25: Cormorant Vs. Eel

June 30: That Mystery Moth and More