Ground-breaking Event in Harrier Meadow!

In honor of intergalactic Star Wars Day,  a great group of seven scouts from Boy Scout Troop 120 of North Arlington planted 48 saplings in Harrier Meadow.

DSCN9952The scouts enhanced three groves of Red Cedar and planted two new groves of Serviceberry Shadblow.

The ground-breaking event was sponsored by the Bergen County Audubon Society and the N.J. Meadowlands Commission.

Saplings were provided by the National Wildlife Federation.

Three scoutmasters from the troop also participated in the event.

The scouts are  Assistant Senior Patrol Leader Tyler Maramba and scouts Alex Ruiz, Christian Perez, Daniel McClane, Joseph Rutigliano, Daniel O'Neill, and Charles Triano (a member of Venturing Crew 120).  The three leaders are  Chet Choynowski, Matthew McClane and Michael Choynowski. (Thanks, guys!)

In addition to planting the trees, the scouts were treated to looks at an adult Bald Eagle, a Blue-winged Teal and dozens of Greater Yellowlegs.

A big thank you to North Arlington Boy Scout Troop 120, the Bergen County Audubon Society, and the National Wildlife Federation. The event was officially part of the federation's National Wildlife Week.

May the Fourth be with you! 


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