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Polyphemus Moth in the Meadowlands

We were fortunate to get a quick look at a male Polyphemus Moth at DeKorte Park's Science Center, thanks to Nick Vos-Wein of Ramapo College (which operates the Science Center). Nick had found the moth's cocoon on a Gray Birch in DeKorte earlier this spring.

This silk moth has a wingspan of 6+ inches, lives just a few days (without eating), mates and dies. The moth IMG_9989-001was released on Tuesday, when it was ready to fly.

Much like the clear-winged moths, the Polyphemus has a clear panel on each wing (close-up on right).

The moth is named for Polyphemus, a Cyclops of Greek mythology and "The Odyssey". More on the Polyphemus moth here and here.

The moth's appearance is a great reminder that the Meadowlands Commission and Bergen County Audubon Society are once again part of National Moth Week this summer. We will be hosting a Moth Night featuring NMW's amazing crew and light set-ups at DeKorte Park on Tuesday, July 22, at 8:30 p.m.

Tomorrow: A couple of photos of the Polyphemus after it was released.

More Polyphemus moth photos — including closeups of the wings, wing panels and antennae — follow.  (Thanks, Nick!)

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Warbling Vireo @ DeKorte Park

Roy Woodford writes:

There's been a Warbling Vireo singing like crazy in the back parking lot of DeKorte.

It took me a week (maybe more) … but I finally managed to get a half-way decent shot.  

He doesn't come down from the tree tops often — and when he does, he doesn't sit still for long.

Note: On Sunday, Rick Wright reported a Warbling Vireo in DeKorte Prak and by Disposal Road: he also reported hearing a Dickcissel near Disposal Road behind the Eternal Flame.

(Thanks, Roy and Rick!)

Tuesday Teaser 061113

Saw this tree on Edith Wallace's guided nature walk at DeKorte Park on DSCN9575Sunday but not sure we caught the ID.

Does anybody know what it is?  

The tree, with the low branch pictured above, is on the right near the beginning of the Kingsland Overlook Trail.

Photo of hopefully ample sample is included.