Daily Archives: June 5, 2013

Teaser Answered

Roy flycatcher-001
Roy Woodford sent in these recent images of DeKorte Park flycatchers for yesterday's Teaser.

We think the above flycatcher is a Willow, and the one below is a Least Flycatcher.

Congrats to all those who ID'd them correctly.  These guys are really tough! (Thanks, Roy!)

Roy flycatcher2-001

Oriole Jamboree at DeKorte Park!

Roy 3
No sooner did we arrive in DeKorte Park Tuesday morning than we heard a Baltimore Oriole calling like crazy. No wonder.

As Roy Woodford points out: "You don't have to go far from the front parking lot at DeKorte to find an Oriole or three (or more).  

"These guys are everywhere this year (the females are around but they seem to be a bit camera shy).  Last year, I had a hard time finding one of each."  (Thanks, Roy! Orchard Oriole pix follow.) 

Note: Baltimore Oriole above is banded!

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