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Visit DeKorte Park This Weekend — & Drive Slowly

IMG_9812DSCN9113-001All sorts of trails have reopened at DeKorte, our flowers are blooming,  and we are seeing Forster’s Terns and Black Skimmers and other nifty birds and dragonflies in the park.

But the swallows are flying low over the roadways in the park, so please drive slow.

And don’t forget to wear sunscreen and bug spray, hydrate often, and visit our awesome gift shop in the Meadowlands Environment Center.


What You Might See in July

Common Buckeye_2686
To see what we might see in the Meadowlands next month, we thought we’d give you some highlights from July 2012 (click on the text to link to the post):

July 3: Sphinx Moths and Butterflies Galore

July 12: Marsh Wren & More

Dennis the menaceJuly 16: Dennis the Menace

July 23: Butterfly Day: The Full List

July 26: First Ever Moth Night

July 27: More on the DeKorte Tagged Egret

July 27: More Meadowlands Moth Night

DeKorte Park’s Teal Pool “Loop Trail” Is Open Again!

DSCN9097The Meadowlands Commission is pleased to announce that 1.25-mile loop trail from the administration building to the Saw Mill Creek Trail to the Carillon on Disposal Road and back to the administration building is now officially open again.  The Lyndhurst Nature Reserve is also open again, and the Kingsland Overlook trail has been redone as well.

Map follows. (Lyndhurst Nature Reserve is in green. Loop goes from green line to red line (Saw Mill Creek Trail) to yellow line (Transco Trail). Continue reading