Tuesday Teaser 061113

Saw this tree on Edith Wallace's guided nature walk at DeKorte Park on DSCN9575Sunday but not sure we caught the ID.

Does anybody know what it is?  

The tree, with the low branch pictured above, is on the right near the beginning of the Kingsland Overlook Trail.

Photo of hopefully ample sample is included.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser 061113

  1. Mike G.

    Leaf = Alternate, Simple, Toothed. It looks like an American Elm leaf, but we didn’t cover that tree with Edith, and the teaser suggests that we did cover the tree in question. That only leaves some type of birch, but I couldn’t tell you which kind.
    Edith also stressed that it is OK to guess and be wrong.

  2. mary

    I’m guessing Elm or Alder. the leaves seemed much smaller than a typical Elm tree. I agree with Mike G’s assesment of the leaf. It would be interesting if it is a Birch, But I don’ think it is a Birch. If it is an Alder, I would expect to see catkins, but, maybe the catkins have come and gone alreay. Also if it is an Alder, I can’t find any North East native trees that would grow that large. Only found a North east native Alder bush or small tree. Iron wood which Robert posted also matches the Leaf structure= Alternate, Simple Toothed. But the bark does not look like Ironwood to me on the main tree. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to hear what it is.

  3. Mike G.

    Mary, I’ve noticed that sometimes teasers never get answered. Hopefully that won’t be the case here. 😉


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