Lyndhurst Nature Reserve and Trail Reopening Today!

DSCN8445 As many of you know, DeKorte Park and its trails have taken a beating from recent hurricanes. That’s why the Meadowlands Commission is delighted to announce that the Lyndhurst Nature Reserve is officially reopening today, along with the trail from administration building out to the Saw Mill Creek Trail.

What’s more, the 1.25-mile loop trail from the administration building to the Saw Mill Creek Trail to The Carillon and back to the administration building (via the Transco Trail) should be opening soon as well.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. The great news is these trails — and the Lyndhurst Nature Reserve — will be more beautiful than before. Still left to to do: To seed some of the barren areas adjacent to the trail.  We’ll be seeding with an annual rye for now since we’ve missed the window for seeding with a more expensive meadow mix.  We’ll seed the meadow in the fall.

(A big thank you to the NJMC’s Joanne DiLorenzo for her work on this project.)

The shot above is the trail  now.  We will have our first official walk on this trail with Bergen County Audubon Society on Sunday, July 7.

The photo below, by Marco Van Brabant, is the trail just past Lyndhurst Nature Reserve during Superstorm Sandy. (Thanks, Marco, but not recommended!)_MVB0563-JW


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