Don Torino’s Column on Butterfly Day

SS8_6233 Eastern Tailed-blueDon Torino’s latest column for is about The Meadowlands, butterflies, and an amazing environmental recovery.

Here’s a sample:

“Everyone everywhere who loves and appreciates nature has been in awe of the return of the New Jersey Meadowlands. From a place that was the butt of bad jokes to an urban wilderness paradise where Osprey, Peregrine Falcons, and Bald Eagles flourish.

“Just as the return of the many wonderful bird species to the Meadowlands has signified a return to a more healthy bio diverse environment, so to do the butterflies of the Meadowlands indicate a vigorous and vital habitat resurgence like never seen before in New Jersey…

“Having grown up in the Meadowlands, I have witnessed firsthand the some of the worst tragedies that could be bestowed upon the environment. But now still living in the Meadowlands, I have also seen firsthand the amazing things that can be accomplished when people care enough and work hard to do what sometimes seems the most difficult of things to do – the right thing. Butterfly Day is testament to doing the right thing.”

The link is here. (Thanks, Don, and thanks to Sandy Sorkin for the new photo of the Eastern Tailed-blue!)

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