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Update: The Peregrine’s from Pennsylvania

DSCN9658-002We just learned more about the young Peregrine Falcon that we photographed in Lyndhurst last Friday. Art McMorris, Peregrine Falcon coordinator for Pennsylvania Game Commission, reports:

Peregrine Falcon 70/AR Black/Green was banded as a nestling at a building in downtown Reading, Berks County, PA, on May 31, 2013. She fledged around July 3 – so she made the 100-mile trip to Lyndhurst just 5 weDSCN9658-003eks after fledging.

I’m especially happy to hear about her re-sighting because this bird had an early-stage trichomoniasis infection when I banded her. She was taken to a rehabber and treated for the infection, and returned to the nest 3 days later.

Always great to hear of one of our young falcons that’s doing well in the world, and it’s especially great to know that this one survived an infection that most likely would have killed her if left untreated.

(Thanks, Art, and thanks to Kathy Clark of the N.J. Division of Endangered and Non-game Species, and to Mike Girone for their help in learning more about this awesome young bird.)

The original post on this bird is here.

Kevin Karlson Day: The Full List

DSCN9953We had another great Kevin Karlson Shorebird Day last weekend, with more than 100 people attending either the walks, the shorebird ID talk, or the photography workshop with Kevin’s colleague, Lloyd Spitanik. We also saw more than 50 species of birds, Hummingbird and Snowberry Clear-winged Moth, and 12 species of butterflies. Thanks to all who participated!

The full list of birds and butterflies follows, thanks to Denise Farrell and Julie McCall! Continue reading