Another Banded Peregrine

DSCN9658-002When the Meadowlands Commission got a phone call about an injured, banded hawk in Lyndhurst today, we responded immediately and figured if it was banded it was likely a Peregrine.

When we got to the office where the hawk had been seen on a ledge for more than two hours, there sat the Peregrine.  We hoped that it was OK, but wondered how we could access the ledge if it was injured.  Short answer was, by ladder from the roof. When we checked out the roof  (photo below), the bird flew away…

The young Peregrine was double-banded, bare-aluminum on the right leg, and AR 70 on black over green band on the left leg.

This was the second banded Peregrine we have seen in the past two weeks, and the fourth in the past two years.

We will post  more info as we learn it. (A big thanks to the folks who called us about the bird!)




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