Tuesday Teaser: MEC Moth!

MEC’s Maria Manzo found this large and wonderfully camouflaged moth chilling on the side of Meadowlands Environment Center in DeKorte Park last week. It was roughly two inches from head to stern.

What is it?

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser: MEC Moth!

  1. Denise

    Another possible is The Sweetheart Underwing (Catocala amatrix). Both The Sweetheart and Mourning look similar to this one. Makes “confusing fall warblers” seem easy.

  2. Camille

    This is from my entomologist friend Sule Oygur: I think that it is a Catocala (genus) moth. The common name is underwing moth because they usually have red, orange or white under wings which are only visible when the upper wings spread out. I am not sure what the size of this moth. If it is little wider and longer than an inch (when the wings are closed) I would say it is one of the Catocala species we have in NJ.


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