Meadowlands Lightning and More

lightning_storm_meadowlands_IMG_9652Mike Maddaloni, also known as “Sunset Mike” was in the Meadowlands recently for both the Sept. 11 Tribute in Light and a lightning storm. He was nice enough to share some of his photos, Thanks, Mike!:

Totally insane thunderstorm with lightning all over the place
passed through late last week.

Got some long exposure shots of it, each one you see is about 30 seconds
of letting the camera stay open before it takes a new shot.  The fact that
there’s this many bolts per shot is a testament to how much lightning
there really was.  Probably the best lightning shots I’ve gotten in the
Meadowlands in my life, wish it happened more often. Enjoy.

Also attached are the shots from DeKorte and Disposal Road of the Tribute
in Light, truth be told the days when they were testing them on the 9th
and 10th we had better conditions for the distance we were at.  Win some,
lose some.  (Thanks, Mike!)

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