The Latest from Sunset Mike!

Mike Maddaloni is in the Meadowlands taking sunrise and sunset shots so often that some of the other photographers have apparently taken to calling him “Sunset Mike.”

Here’s the latest word from Mike:

I have TONS to share, from lightning storms to great sunrises and new stuff from Mill Creek and elsewhere …

I also have a pretty much finished with a video of that time lapse stuff I was doing, if you could share that there have been MANY people I run into in DeKorte that wanted to see how the shots with my “contraption” turned out (above).

It took 2 months of capturing shots to get it ready. (Thanks, Mike!)

3 thoughts on “The Latest from Sunset Mike!

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  2. Mike Maddaloni

    No bowing, I am a mere mortal, and mediocre at best, in fact what you see above is my learning with the “contraption”, I’m coming along with much more interesting time lapses, panning, tilting, 360’s in every direction, really neat stuff. But anyway, thank you for the compliments!


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