Harrier Meadow Scouting Report — Trifecta

IMG_8313We did a lunchtime walk in Harrier Meadow on Tuesday as a bit of a scouting trip for Sunday’s free guided walk with Bergen County Audubon Society. Lots of nifty birds, including a female Wood Duck, three Pied-billed Grebes and a Wilson’s Snipe.

Later this week we had a Bald Eagle, Buffleheads, Northern Harriers and more.

Tuesday’s list follows (and we’re sure we missed quite a few).

Meadowlands IBA–Harrier Meadows (restricted access), Bergen, US-NJ Oct 29, 2013 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

Protocol: Traveling

1.0 mile(s)

Comments:     Scouting trip for Sunday’s NJMC/BCAS walk

32 species


Canada Goose  X

Mute Swan  X

Wood Duck  1

Gadwall  X

Mallard  X

Northern Shoveler  X

Green-winged Teal  X

Great Blue Heron  X

Great Egret  X

Sharp-shinned Hawk  X

Red-tailed Hawk  X

Wilson’s Snipe  X

Ring-billed Gull  X

Herring Gull  X

Rock Pigeon  X

Mourning Dove  X

Downy Woodpecker  X

American Kestrel  X

Blue Jay  X

Carolina Wren  X

American Robin  X

Northern Mockingbird  X

European Starling  X

Yellow-rumped Warbler  X

Savannah Sparrow  X

Song Sparrow  X

White-throated Sparrow  X

Dark-eyed Junco  X

Northern Cardinal  X

Common Grackle  X

American Goldfinch  X

House Sparrow  X



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