Marco Van Brabant’s DeKorte Deep Freeze PIx

8-_MVB5227-JWMarco Van Brabant writes:

I went on an early morning walk through DeKorte before work on Tuesday.

Thoroughly bundled up, just a slit of about one inch uncovered so I could see where I went.

My greatest fear was that my two hats would be blown off my head, as I’d be in serious trouble then.

The wind was severe on the Transco and Saw Mill trails, but is was a great experience to be out in the elements, and it was interesting to see how our beloved DeKorte looks covered in ice.

Very little open water. While still in the car before going out, I had set the binoculars to an average distance, as in this kind of cold it is very difficult to turn the focusing wheel. Bufflehead, Mallards and Geese, is all I could see through these binos.   (Thanks, Marco!)

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