Don Torino’s Latest Column: Where’s Spring?

Photo by Marie Longo

Don Torino’s latest column for is about waiting for spring to arrive.

Here’s a sample:

I am told that Spring is out there somewhere. I have heard that it is just one more turn of the page on the calendar, the sight of the return of the Red-winged Blackbirds to the marshes or maybe even just the anticipation of a few warm days in March that we, even though very disbelievingly, feel like Spring truly lies in our future.

Maybe it will be the first Robins feeding on your backyard Hollies or the visions of an Oriole weaving its intricate nest on a willow tree or the faith that the columbines and Milkweeds lie dormant waiting for the snow to melt and finally warm the ground that keeps us looking out our windows and dreaming of Spring’s arrival.

Link is here.

One thought on “Don Torino’s Latest Column: Where’s Spring?

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