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What’s In a Name: Secaucus

1979 marina croppedThis revived weekly feature is brought to you by the Meadowlands Commission’s Parks Department to give you some historical background on how local places, landmarks, and geographical features  got their name.


One of Secaucus’ early grist mills, built around 1840, stood on the left bank of Mill Creek.

For half of the 20th Century, the property functioned as a marina, boat ramp and as a popular town pub, Tony’s Old Mill Inn, thought to  built on the remains of the former gristmill.

The town purchased the property in 1990 for use as a park, and the Meadowlands Commission and the town developed it into a waterfront park. A millstone has been incorporated into the park’s logo (right).

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Sunday’s DeKorte Walk: The Full List

carp explosion fredWe had a great guided walk on Sunday, followed by a reception for the gallery show “The Nature of the Meadowlands,” featuring 60 images from the NJMC’s coffee table book.

Highlights for the walk included a great aerial show by Black Skimmers (for early arrivals), great looks at a Baltimore Oriole, an appearance by a Brown Thrasher and the world’s most amorous carp (above). We saw a total of 44 species of birds.

Fred Nisenholz provided the photos accompanying this post. (Thankls, Fred!)

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