Daily Archives: June 4, 2014

Roy Woodford Skimmer Shots

roy skimmer 2

If you want to see how a Black Skimmer catches fish, check out these photo taken at DeKorte Park this weekend by Roy Woodford. (Thanks, Roy!)


‘Nature of the Meadowlands’ Crew


At Sunday’s reception for the Flyway Gallery’s “Nature of the Meadowlands” exhibit, many of the coffee-table book’s contributors were on hand.

They are (left to right) illustrator  Tom Yezerski, photographer Ron Shields, author Jim Wright, photographer Regina Geoghan, contributor Dan McDonough, photographer Sandy Sorkin, photographer Marco Van Brabant, and contributor Joe McKay.

Contributors to the show who could attend are Jeff Nicol and Dennis Cheeseman.

The show runs through Butterfly Day in late July — be sure to stop by and see these stunning images from the Meadowlands. (Thanks, all! And thanks to Pam Mistretta for taking the photo, and to Regina Geoghan for doing a little tweaking on it.