CONTEST: Guess When the Pelican Will Leave

The Meadowlands Commission is pleased to announce the Pelican Challenge.

An American White Pelican has been seen on DeKorte Park’s Saw Mill Creek mudflats for 39 days in a row. The person who correctly predicts the last day the pelican will be seen will win an NJMC pontoon boat ride for two.

To enter, just email the NJMC’s Jim Wright (jim.wright (at) with the last date you think the pelican will be seen. The winning date will be determined by when the bird goes unreported on eBird for three consecutive days. (If you have a better idea, e-mail Jim as well.)

The contest is free, and the NJMC’s pontoon boat rides are especially outstanding in late August and September.  If the pelican is still around after pontoon boat season ends, the winning trip can be taken in spring 2015. More on NJMC pontoon boat rides here.

The pelican has been here so long that it now has a name: George, after the famous American crime novelist George Pelecanos. More on George Pelecanos here. More on American White Pelicans here.

We have decided that it will save time if everyone asks “Did you see George today?” instead of “Did you see the American White Pelican today?” But we digress….

Please enter and join the fun. You must enter by 5 p.m., Friday, Aug. 15 to be eligible. One entry person, but all family members may enter individually.

And yes, George has been seen today.

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