Daily Archives: January 22, 2015

Injured Red-tail Update

Last week, the Meadowlands Commission brought an injured Red-tail to The Raptor Trust. We got an update this morning. The Raptor Trust reports:

“Your” red-tail is still in very guarded condition. Our vet sutured the crop but it is touch & go, and only time will tell if it will heal properly.

The bird also had blood in both eyes, so we have to see what’s going on there.

We are doing everything possible to bring it back to health but unfortunately it is in bad shape.

Fingers crossed.  Thanks to all who have been asking about the raptor!

Losen Slote Creek Park Report

Common RedpollChris Takacs reports:

Common Redpoll (above) was seen feeding with GoldfinchesEastern Towhee-002 at Losen Slote Creek Park in Little Ferry on Tuesday morning.

Also seen was a leucistic Eastern Towhee (right) that  popped up in response to my best Towhee whistle. I’ve seen the Towhee a day or 2 ago but couldn’t relocate it to get a photo until today. Both birds were seen on the edge of the woods where the fields begin.

Thanks, Chris!


Don Torino’s Column: River Barge Park

RBPM FENCE SIGN 004Don Torino’s latest column for wildnewjersey.tv is on River Barge Park in winter.

Here’s the opening:

Gone are the causal lunchtime visitors, the weekend picnickers and the mothers with toddlers in tow. The boats that took short sleeved, hat wearing sunscreen lovers through tours of the Meadowlands are now stored away and covered up for the winter.

The tables and benches are empty and visitors are now few and far between unless you consider the Double-Crested Cormorants that are standing like tourists along the dock enjoying the water’s edge, seemingly impervious to the biting cold of the Meadowlands winter.

The link is here.