Daily Archives: January 21, 2015

Laurel Hill Ospreys, You May Have a Problem

IMG_9225If you’ve followed the Peregrine Falcons at Laurel Hill, you’re probably aware that three years ago or so they were likely responsible for preventing the local Common Ravens from nesting — staking a claim months before nesting season.

Last year, they prevented a pair of Ospreys nesting on the nearby swing bridge — — staking a claim months before nesting season. Continue reading

Tuesday’s Walk: 5 Bald Eagles

IMG_9262-001 Highlights of Tuesday’s Laurel Hill walk with Bergen County Audubon included five Bald IMG_9296Eagles — count ’em, five — two adults and three immatures. That just might be a record for one of our walks.

The adults put on a great show, almost overhead at some points. The immatures stayed over the Saw Mill Creek Wildlife Management Area, occasionally locking talons and generally horsing around.

Judging from a lack of a transmitter and no missing flight feathers, we believe that the two adults were not Alice and Al, the resident Bald Eagles of Ridgefield Park.

Will post the full list later this week.

Mill Creek Marsh Heron Show

150119 FTD B Heron Great Blue 019df MCM Mdwlnds NJ 011915 OK FLICKRMickey and Elaine Raine write:

On Monday, we decided to visit Mill Creek Marsh, and  we were rewarded with some great sights of the Great Blue Heron.  There were several of them out, and at every bend, we would see one.  I do not believe that all of the shots presented here are of the same one–most likely between two of them.  We know for certain that four different ones were around the marsh in various locales.

Their colors of full adulthood at the high stage were prominently displayed, so in spite of the limited sun–off and on–the nice features were captured successfully.

(Thanks, Elaine and Mickey!)