Daily Archives: January 14, 2015

The Raines’ Latest Mill Creek Photos

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Mickey and Elaine Raine write:

Mill Creek Marsh had many birds out on Sunday, but we were most pleased with seeing the Northern Pintail out of the water for once.

The Northern Pintail was alone, no companion or others of its kind present, and it first stood out on the ice before eventually taking flight.

The late day sun was perfect and the tones came out beautifully.  Even in the shaded area in which Elaine saw this young male Mallard, the air had a special quality about it, so the rich colors on it could still be appreciated–not as seen in better lighting with more vibrancy and details, but quite pretty, anyhow.

As we were about to depart, the Great Blue Heron came flying right by us.

(Thanks, Mickey and Elaine!)